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Zelenskiy's team

The axe behind God’s door

The Maidan continues to be an effective factor in Ukraine’s politics. How to preserve its achievements?


The fight against the flight

President Zelenskiy’s plans to attract migrants back and establish ties with the diaspora are missing the point


Catching up with reality

How might the president interpret bad news better?


New Moscowphiles at the door

How disappointment in Volodymyr Zelenskiy will help pro-Russian forces and how they are evolving


Somewhere in the middle

What is it that voters in free Donbas like about Zelenskiy?


The march of dis-integration

The self-proclaimed republics in occupied Donbas are changing their rhetoric about returning to Ukraine and are more actively imposing the attributes of a statelet...


The post-democratic president

What kind of image has Volodymyr Zelenskiy created for himself abroad?


Feeling good

The government has managed to keep its approval rating high. For the first time in years, many Ukrainians believe that their life has not deteriorated


Imitating deoccupation

The Zelenskiy team is slowly adapting to the frozen conflict in occupied Donbas


Ze Nation

Volodymyr Zelenskiy is a surprising reflection of Ukrainian society