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Ukrainian parliament

Fitch worsens outlook for Ukrainian banks over Coronavirus

The agency has said this in a statement


The fight against the flight

President Zelenskiy’s plans to attract migrants back and establish ties with the diaspora are missing the point


Grace of the empire

What is Ukraine’s place in the rhetoric of Russian media and how to decipher their hidden messages?


Forced isolation and work from home: Ukraine's government drafts "coronavirus" bill

Among other measures, the draft bans mass events with more than 200 participants


The battle of the narratives

Western media often repeats propaganda from Russia. Why is this?


When the economy starts to ferment...

What’s the expensive hryvnia doing to Ukraine’s macroeconomic situation?


Coronavirus outbreak Is bad news for Ukraine’s economy

Ukraine has so far been spared from a major coronavirus outbreak. The country’s economy, however, is far less quarantined from the disease’s global impact


Old and new risks

What are the threats facing Ukraine’s economy in 2020?


The march of dis-integration

The self-proclaimed republics in occupied Donbas are changing their rhetoric about returning to Ukraine and are more actively imposing the attributes of a statelet...


The potential winter unfreezing of the Donbas

The strategic winners and losers at Normandy