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Iran plane crash: Ukrainian victims of jet's downing repatriated

The bodies of 11 Ukrainians have been repatriated after their plane was shot down in Iran last week


Iran agrees to send flight recorder of shot down plane to Ukraine

Iranian official said 'expertise of France, Canada and America' will be used to read flight data in Kyiv


Iran announces first arrests in downing of Ukrainian airliner

Iran's president calls for a special court to investigate crash and for all those responsible to be 'punished'


Washington Post: Ukraine knew Flight 752 had been shot down, but it was careful not to antagonize Iran

Within hours of Iran's stunning admission Saturday that its missile mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane, Ukraine made a big reveal of its own


Iran's revolutionary guards take responsibility for downed Ukrainian aircraft

Iran's Revolutionary Guard has admitted it mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian jetliner earlier this week


In Iran plane crash, Ukraine will investigate possible missile strike

The airliner had turned back toward the airport before it crashed, minutes after takeoff, Iranian officials reported. The flight data recorders were recovered but said to be damaged


Iranian strategic culture and hybrid warfare

Iran’s hybrid expansionism in the Middle East, the ‘Shi’a axis’ and Russia: from soft power competition to hard confrontation with the US


Foreign Ministry reports release of Ukrainian detained in Iran over drone flight

The consular service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Ukraine has reported the successful settlement on July 10, of the situation concerning Ukrainian travel blogger Artemy Surin, who was detained in Iran on suspicion of spying when flying a drone


Russia moves to the desert

How the Kremlin is building up its presence in the Middle East


The Iron Silk Road

With Europe hungry for Chinese goods, and China eager to sell them, high speed railways get large investments to complete the missing links between the two markets. Kazakhstan now sees a historic opportunity to make itself the main stopping place on tomorrow's Iron Silk Road