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Freedom House

Robert Brinkley: “Ukraine should ensure that Western countries are aware which prisoners are being held by Russia”

During the 29th Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdrój (Poland) The Ukrainian Week talked with Robert Brinkley, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Ukraine Forum, Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House about perspectives of Ukrainian relations with West and Russia


Effort to freeze Ukraine aid began about 90 minutes after call between Trump and Zelensky

Trump's political appointees at the White House's budget office were already ordering the Pentagon to freeze security funding for Ukraine, newly released government documents show


The hold on Ukraine aid: a timeline emerges from impeachment probe

One thing all parties in the impeachment saga can agree on: $391 million in security assistance earmarked for Ukraine was withheld this past summer by the Trump White House and released on Sept. 11


White House blocked effort to condemn Russia for seizing Ukraine ships

State department aide makes revelation in testimony, while Russia envoy nominee John Sullivan grilled at confirmation hearing


Another Trump defense in the Ukraine scandal bites the dust

Running out of options, Donald Trump touted one of his newer talking points this morning, publishing a tweet that Ukraine didn’t know that the White House was withholding military aid


The forging of unity

How the idea of Ukraine crossed imperial borders from East to West


У Freedom House назвали Україну "частково вільною" країною

Крім того, згідно зі звітом, анексований Крим отримав статус "не вільної" території.


Freedom, not Free-for-all

How the myth that Ukrainians are inclined towards lawlessness is used against them and why a sense of responsibility to your own people is so important


Freedom House заявила про країни, в яких найбільше тиснуть на ЗМІ

Зазначається, що уряд РФ продовжує спроби управління інтернетом, ухваливши нове законодавство про заборону сервісів VPN.