Breaking news 2019-07-11 20:00

Foreign Ministry reports release of Ukrainian detained in Iran over drone flight

The consular service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) of Ukraine has reported the successful settlement on July 10, of the situation concerning Ukrainian travel blogger Artemy Surin, who was detained in Iran on suspicion of spying when flying a drone

“We express gratitude to the Iranian side for cooperation in resolving this issue. This situation, like other extraordinary cases in which citizens of Ukraine find themselves in, is under the personal control of the President of Ukraine. We note the efficient and coordinated work of the Ukrainian Embassy in Iran. Protecting Ukrainian citizens’ rights abroad is the mission of every Ukrainian consul,” the department of the MFA Consular Service said on its Facebook page on July 11.

According to media reports, Surin was detained by Iranian law-enforcement agencies on July 8, detained, he was interrogated and remanded in custody. On July 10, with the assistance of Ukrainian diplomats, he was released and transported in a car with diplomatic numbers to the territory of Azerbaijan, from where he has already departed for Ukraine.

Surin began his world tour last October, he planned to visit 40 countries on all continents and cross three oceans without air travel.

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