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soft power

Лапа тигра. М'яка сила Китаю в Україні

Який вплив мають китайські культурні центри в Україні і світі


System cacophony

How the branches of power live and interact after the presidential election


Sunny alternatives

Electrical coops are the way to really get oligarchs out of the power sector


“Ukraine needs a political talent pool and parties should train these people”

Power of the People leader on how to win an election without serious cash


The Washington Post: Suppliers of weapons to Syria may have used Ukrainian sea port in Mykolayiv Oblast

A new study by independent conflict researchers describes a heavy volume of traffic in the past two years from Ukraine’s Oktyabrsk port, just up the Black Sea coast from Odessa, to Syria’s main ports on the Mediterranean, Jobby Warrick writes for The Washington Post


The Post-Vradiyivka Syndrome

The Yanukovych regime does not realize all the risks of de-legitimization in the eyes of the people


Operation “Premier Yanukovych”

The “win at any cost” alternative could well be a scenario whereby Viktor Yanukovych will become prime minister with extensive powers, should he lose the 2015 presidential election


Alexander J. Motyl for the World Affairs: Is Decentralizing Ukraine Possible?

“Most of Ukraine’s regional policymakers and populations probably wouldn’t object to decentralization… For the Yanukovych Family to give up power is to commit political and economic suicide.”


Five Hundred Years after Machiavelli’s Prince: An Intellectual in Politics

Niccolò Machiavelli seems to have been one of the most enigmatic and misunderstood thinkers and writers in Europe.


Russia’s Soft Power Wars

The stark contrast between Western and Russian understanding of “soft power” has become evident during President Vladimir Putin’s third presidency. For the Kremlin, “soft power” is part of its arsenal of foreign policy tools designed to re-integrate Russia’s neighbors around a Moscow orbit.