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elections in Ukraine

The post-honeymoon mood

Ukrainians are not yet disappointed with the choice of the president and MPs. But some of the government’s actions no longer excite the majority


Iran agrees to send flight recorder of shot down plane to Ukraine

Iranian official said 'expertise of France, Canada and America' will be used to read flight data in Kyiv


Wating for the Lost Messiah of Drohobych

On honest and false leaders


Ukraine prime minister offers resignation after leaked recording

Uncertainty surrounds PM after audio suggesting he criticised president’s understanding of economy


Özgür Ünlühisarcıklı: “I think the US-Turkey relationships as we have known it is already dead”

During the 3rd Lviv Security Forum, the director of German Marshall Fund's office in Ankara discussed the current state of relations between Turkey, USA, and Russia and perspectives of Ukraine-Turkey dialogue


ВЕФ у Давосі: CEO Club Ukraine проведе фахову панель про глобальні виклики та цінності, які Україна може запропонувати світові

Цього року у Давос мають приїхати 3000 лідерів з 117 країн. Серед запрошених гостей - президент США, канцлер ФРН, італійський прем'єре, канцлер Австрії. Україну представить президент Володимир Зеленський.


Between a rock and a hard place

Once again, in the duel over the energy market between two oligarchs, Ukraine ends up the loser


Stagnation 2.0

What the Russian authorities can do to preserve the current regime


Trump meets with new Ukraine ambassador

Donald Trump on Monday met with the new Ukrainian ambassador to the U.S. at a credentialing ceremony in the Oval Office, the White House said.


A little less conversation, a little more reforms

How economic transformations drive GDP growth