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Ukraine’s American Dream

Just like democracy itself, entrepreneurial freedom and an efficient economy can foster social justice


The Economist: Democracy’s retreat

After decades of triumph, democracy is losing ground. What is behind the reversal?


A strategic reserve of diplomacy

How Europe is preparing for the possible presidency of Donald Trump


Freedom Quota

What role Gazeta Wyborcza played in Poland's transition from communism to democracy


The Spanish Sudoku

Entering 2016 with a new political landscape


Liquid Evil of Our Times

By liquidity of evil, I assume that we live in a deterministic, pessimistic, fatalistic, fear-and-panic-ridden society, which still tends to cherish its time-honoured, albeit out of date and misleading, liberal-democratic credentials


Freedom For Others

Not everyone raised under western democracy considers freedom a universal value. Especially when it comes to the freedom of those whom they are not accustomed to noticing, hearing, or understanding


What is a Good Politician?

Politicians – as well as media and citizens - have to invent the ways of a more understandable and dignified political sphere that fits in the current democratic spirit


Who Needs a Democratic Azerbaijan?

Ilham Aliyev’s victory in the October 9 show election signals that the regime in Baku pushes Azerbaijan further into the authoritarian abyss with silent consent from the West


Facing the Crisis of Democracy

The failures of democracy need precise and critical, not diplomatic comments