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WFME 2019

Between the officious and the odious

A look at the current online strategies of the two main rivals in the 2019 presidential campaign


Voting as a mirror image of voters

Who voted for whom, or to what extent voter preferences coincide with the results of their choices


Portrait of the Servant as a young pol

The current powers-that-be obviously reflect their voters, but wherein does the real similarity lie?


В України відбудеться фестиваль творчості учасників бойових дій «Стіл»

До участі в заході запрошуються не тільки літератори та музиканти, а й художники, фотографи, відео-документалісти, творці декоративного мистецтва.


The force of evolution

What conclusions the patriotic camp should draw from Ukraine’s presidential and parliamentary elections...


Dangerous road through the “best intentions”

The hidden danger of “peace at any cost” made us realise that ending the war and reintegration of the occupied territories are two separate, unrelated issues


Behind the party scenes

How the new parliament will be different from the previous one, and why the latest change is not a revolution


У Раді назвали імена керівників парламентських комітетів

Більшість місць забрали депутати від "Слуги народу", а комітет з питань свободи слова очолить Нестор Шуфрич.


A war of sensations

How the 2019 elections were different from all the previous ones in the Donbas


Under the pressure of its weight

The only barrier to a long usurpation of power by the one-party propresident majority will be fragmentation of his faction in parliament amidst the lack of serious competition and temptations of power