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The New York Times

New NBU Chair sells her share in the ICU group

Valeria Hontareva, the newly-appointed Chairperson of the National Bank of Ukraine, resigns from the position of Board Chair at the Investment Capital Ukraine company and sells her stake in the group, its press service reports


Parliament supports new NBU Chair, Prosecutor General and Foreign Minister proposed by President Poroshenko

MPs supported candidates to replace acting Chair of the NBU, Prosecutor General and Foreign Minister offered by President Poroshenko in the vote today


In the “Almost” Mode

The developments in Ukraine change rapidly. Every time we think we can end something with a full stop, they prove that even a comma would be too soon


The Crucial Human Resource

Behind the nice façade of a top government-level reshuffle, the new Ukrainian authorities are outrageously indiscriminate in other appointments.


The Party of Regions fails to agree on a candidate for premier

The Party of Regions faction in Parliament fails to take the final decision on who may become the new prime-minister at its Tuesday meeting, the PR’s MP and representative of the President in Parliament Yuriy Miroshnychenko says


The Right Model for the Right Europeans

How Vladimir Putin has become an example to European right-wing radicals


A Unilateral Cold War of Russia: Debating with a Euroliberal

What could be a proper metaphor for a unilateral war – the war that has been waged in the void and with much sound and fury, yet that has no real adversaries? The war waged by the self-chasing ghost? Or that by a Don Quixote stripped of any ideals of chivalry, and confined to the fight against a series of imagined phantom-enemies?


Serhiy Arbuzov will replace Azarov as Acting Premier

Based on the Law on the Cabinet of Ministers, First Vice Premier Serhiy Arbuzov will be Acting Premier, Azarov's press-secretary Vitaliy Lukianenko says


Media Law Institute: The government ruins the remaining fragments of democracy and imposes a tough authoritarian regime

Passed by the Party of Regions’ and Communist Party MPs in a hand vote, amendments to the Law on the Judiciary and the Status of Judges and procedural laws on additional measures for citizen protection and security may ultimately crush human rights in Ukraine, the Media Law Institute says in a statement


Китайські хакери атакують The New York Times через критику прем'єра

Редакція видання The New York Times за останні кілька місяців зазнала низки кібер-атак із боку китайських хакерів. У виданні вважають, що хакери активізувалися після публікації статті з критикою китайського прем’єра.