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The New York Times

У мережі виклали запис фейкового інтерв'ю Порошенка для New York Times

На записі чутно, як хтось від імені Порошенка дає інтерв'ю щодо Арсенія Яценюка та його роботи в уряді, а також говорить про корупцію.


"Thousands of civic activists have been absorbed by political parties with obscure financing"

The leader of the Democratic Alliance party the results of the local elections, the prospects of small parties and the chances of consolidating new political forces as a counterweight to oligarchic political clubs


“Ukraine needs a political talent pool and parties should train these people”

Power of the People leader on how to win an election without serious cash


“Very few cultures are global, so it’s not worth being creative for export”

Artist and curator on social role of artists and cultural policy


Time to Wake Up

Europe won’t bear the cost or the risk for the defences it needs. That won’t change until Europeans are a lot more scared or angry than they are now—which may be too late


The New York Times: США можуть "розміняти" Україну на підтримку РФ в іранському питанні

За думкою експерта видання, дії Росії свідчать про підготовку до нападу, але уряд США здатний заплющити очі на це - в обмін на підтримку Путіна щодо Ірану.


The Comic Wars of Rinat Akhmetov

Rinat Akhmetov, Vladimir Putin and Viktor Yanukovych continue to weave plots for Eastern Ukraine, making the rebels with black-and-orange ribbons think that they are dying for a New Russia, not for oligarchic interests


A Heavy Mace for Mr. Poroshenko

What the new President should start with to meet expectations of his voters


New NBU Chair sells her share in the ICU group

Valeria Hontareva, the newly-appointed Chairperson of the National Bank of Ukraine, resigns from the position of Board Chair at the Investment Capital Ukraine company and sells her stake in the group, its press service reports


Parliament supports new NBU Chair, Prosecutor General and Foreign Minister proposed by President Poroshenko

MPs supported candidates to replace acting Chair of the NBU, Prosecutor General and Foreign Minister offered by President Poroshenko in the vote today