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Russian-Ukrainian war

The culture of poverty

What poorer Ukrainians think of subsidies, the rich, and themselves


After Viatrovych

How the current political environment may affect the work of the Ukrainian Institute of National Memory


Iran agrees to send flight recorder of shot down plane to Ukraine

Iranian official said 'expertise of France, Canada and America' will be used to read flight data in Kyiv


Ukraine prime minister offers resignation after leaked recording

Uncertainty surrounds PM after audio suggesting he criticised president’s understanding of economy


In the trap of luxury

Current economic trends towards a stronger hryvnia, bigger debts, and imported goods that threaten domestic manufacturers pose serious threats


The high cost of exchange

What can Ukraine offer for the release of the remaining prisoners


Iran's revolutionary guards take responsibility for downed Ukrainian aircraft

Iran's Revolutionary Guard has admitted it mistakenly shot down a Ukrainian jetliner earlier this week


Stagnation 2.0

What the Russian authorities can do to preserve the current regime


Taylor tells how US army learns from Ukrainian

The U.S. military learns from Ukrainian soldiers and officers about Russian tactics, Russian military equipment, and the ways how Russians deliver this equipment to Ukraine


Capitulation kozak-style: The death of 1,000 cuts

How Ukraine’s statehood collapsed in the 17th and 18th centuries