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У Британії почали три нових розслідування проти Russia Today

Ofcom починає розслідування, якщо вважає, що телекомпанія або постачальник послуг порушили стандарти контенту.


Act, don’t watch

The Kremlin's gas pipelines bypassing Ukraine are a threat to the country's energy security. What can it do to protect itself from upcoming risks


The orbit of sovereignty

The Ukrainian Week asks American think-tankers and diplomats three questions: 1. Is Ukraine seen as part of Russia’s sphere of influence in the US? 2. Why a part of the American establishment believes that Ukraine should be attributed to Russia’s orbit? 3. What can Ukraine do to counter this approach?


“We are seeing more of a blurring of the borders between soft and hard power”

Director General of the NATO International Military Staff on NATO’s readiness to face hybrid challenges from Russia, expectations for NATO’s upcoming summit in Brussels, and about how Ukraine can contribute to international security


The Olympic cash flow

How Russian lobbyism works in sports


My mistake: Why we still fail to understand properly the nature of Vladimir Putin’s regime

My deep sympathy for Ukraine and commitment for the Maidan revolution originated in the awareness of the persistence of the soviet system in Eastern Europe despite the collapse of USSR and of the communist empire. This persistence has been dramatically enhanced by the choice of continuity by Russia, the absence of any trial of communist crimes, the hold on power of the same ruling class through apparent changes, and of the same political mores: a blend of secret police and high scale corruption


Едвард Лукас: Забороняти Russia Today у Великій Британії було б помилкою

Заборона суперечитиме західним цінностям, бо вона зробить вільне суспільство схожим на авторитарні клептократії, але це не означає, що треба сидіти склавши руки.


“In case of the meaningful UN mandate, Austria would consider playing its role in the peacekeeping mission in the Donbas”

Former special representative of the Austrian OSCE chairperson-in-office for the Transnistrian settlement process about options for the peacekeeping mission in the Donbas, the motivation for friendship between Austrian and Russian politicians, and about ways in which the experience with the Transnistrian conflict can be useful for Ukraine


“Neither the president nor French ministers need to go to St. Petersburg in May”

French political analyst Nicolas Tenzer about the diplomatic crisis between the West and Russia, the state of Franco-Russian relations, and the prospects for reviving negotiations in the Normandy format


У Британії розпочали розслідування проти одного з пропагандистських каналів РФ

Зазначається, що після подій у Солсбері спостерігається значне збільшення кількості програм, які вимагають розслідування.