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Trump may cancel Putin meeting over Russia's capture of Ukrainian sailors

U.S. President says he is considering canceling his scheduled meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin at the Group of 20 (G20) summit in Argentina this week over Russia's detention of Ukrainian sailors


Ukraine claims Russia 'rammed our tugboat' off Crimea

Ukraine has accused Russia of ramming one of its boats off the coast of the annexed Crimea, amid rising tensions


Russia threatens to "shut down" Azov Sea for Ukrainian ships

The Russian Federation Council has warned Ukraine it is able to close the Sea of ​​Azov to the Ukrainian ships within minutes


Russia announces sanctions against senior Ukraine figures

Moscow move affecting 322 people comes after Ukraine targeted Russian officials and businesses earlier this year


Russian border guards detain Ukrainian fishermen

The Ukrainian fishermen went to sea from the Russian-occupied village of Kholodne, Donetsk region


Phillip A. Petersen: “We thought ideological competition was over, but it just shifted”

During the 28th Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdrój (Poland) The Ukrainian Week discussed with the President of the Center for the Study of New Generation Warfare about the situation in the Black Sea and the historical and modern aspects of the confrontation between the USA and Russia.


The return of soviet Crimea

What’s happening with the Ukrainian peninsula’s economy these days?


Ukraine-Russia $3 billion bond dispute set for full English trial

A bond dispute in which Ukraine alleges Russia used “threatening behaviour” is set to go to a full blown trial in the English courts, appeal judges ruled on Friday


Туризм по-ГРУшному. Реакція світу на інтерв'ю з підозрюваними в отруєнні Скріпалів

Тиждень.ua зібрав міжнародну реакцію на заяви Пєтрова і Боширова під час інтерв'ю Russia Today.


Another Russian fake: FSB reports foiling Ukraine-Islamic State assassination plot

Russia’s security services claimed to have disrupted an Islamic State member’s plot to assassinate an east Ukrainian rebel fighter on orders from Ukraine’s security apparatus