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The Source of Success

The west won't tolerate fascism among its own, but is ready to tolerate it wuth Russia


Russia Is Now In a Hurry to Restore Its Influence Before China Becomes a Super Power

Japanese political analyst Kosuke Takahashi talks to the Ukrainian Week about current geopolitics in the Asia-Pacific region


Mr. Yanukovych Goes to Washington

The Yanukovych Administration’s image in the West is made by Americans, paid for by Ukrainians and watched closely by Russians


The Land of the Nebbish

Russians have never been a free people. From time to time they simply changed masters


Learning Democracy

German historian Frank Golczewski talks about political technologies from the WWI era, how to build a new empire and the benefits of pluralism


When Evil Turns To Dood

Filaret, Patriarch of Kyiv and All Rus-Ukraine, talks about raider attacks on churches belonging to the Kyiv Patriarchate and the delusion of a “Russian world”


The Three-Martini Launch

Building an NLG terminal in Ukraine could be a move to diversifying gas suppliers—or just a waste of taxpayer money


If Not NATO, Then Russia?

The ability of the public purse to pay for defense is just one of the tests of its “non-aligned” status that Kyiv is failing


Can the Clock Be Set Back?

Hans-Georg Wieck, ex-chief of the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) speaks about the situation in Belarus, Germany’s dream of having a stable Russia, and advice he gave to Eduard Shevardnadze.


Historical TV Series Mutilate Consciousness

Contrary to ephemeral statements by the Kremlin about “de-Stalinization,” the Russian propaganda machine is actively establishing historical myths first produced under Stalin