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Threats and hopes

Reactions to Zelenskiy’s victory in Russia


Russia ordered to release Ukraine sailors

An international tribunal has ordered Russia to "immediately" release 24 Ukrainian sailors and three naval ships it seized off Crimea in November


Traps everywhere

Why the Zelenskiy's team needs to be careful not to torpedo the processes of economic and political emancipation from Russia


The “Kronos syndrome”, the “Trojan horse” strategy and the Russian military’s hybrid expeditionary force model

Potential Russian courses of action in Venezuela based on the experience of Ukraine and Syria


Russia, Ukraine naval dispute lands before sea tribunal in Hamburg

Last November, Russia seized three Ukrainian navy ships and captured dozens of sailors, sparking outrage in Ukraine. The case is now being heard at a UN sea tribunal in Hamburg, but Russia has vowed not to show


Putin mulls easing Russian passport rules for whole Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin says he is considering extending a scheme that makes it easier for Ukrainians to obtain Russian citizenship


Decolonizing the minds

Why sympathy with Russia is a threat for Ukraine and how it can be diminished


Jerry Skinner: “Russia has done everything to block the investigation of the MH17”

The Ukrainian Week talked with an attorney representing the families of those killed in the disaster of the Malaysian MN17 flight in a lawsuit against the Russian Federation in the European Court of Human Rights, on the evidence in this case, and on the possible consequences of the verdict for Russia


G7 urges Russia to release Ukrainian sailors, ready to introduce new sanctions

The foreign ministers of the G7 countries have called on Russia to release Ukrainian seamen, who on November 25, 2018, were forcibly seized in the Kerch Strait area


Essence and specificity of the Russian-Soviet power

What system they are trying to restore in Russia today