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U.S. legislators draft sanctions on 24 FSB operatives over 24 Ukrainian POW sailors

The U.S. "continues to strongly condemn Russia's dangerous naval assault on the Ukrainian Navy and the illegal detainment 24 Ukrainian sailors," legislators say


Ukraine's Navy reports another act of provocation by Russia in Black Sea

The Russian destroyer Smetlivy has reportedly entered the area closed for navigation


A prologue to the restoration of the empire

The Ukraine-Russia union treaty of 1920


Russian offer on Ukrainian sailors "trap"

Russia refuses to comply with the ITLOS ruling, insisting the international rules do not apply to the sailors' case


Four Ukrainian prisoners released by Russia-backed separatists arrive in Minsk

Russia-backed separatists from Ukraine's eastern Donbas region have released four Ukrainian citizens, who have been flown to the Belarusian capital, Minsk


Ghosts of the past

Will Zelenskiy be in charge of previous regime’s political revenge?


Russia’s hybrid expansionism in the Arctic

How are the Arctic Ocean, the Black and the Azov Seas interrelated in Russia’s strategic military thinking?


Hundreds march in Kyiv for release of over 200 Ukrainians imprisoned by Russia

Several hundred people marched on June 1 in downtown Kyiv to draw attention to more than 200 Ukrainians who have been illegally imprisoned in Russia, Russian-occupied Crimea and Russian-controlled parts of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts


Andrew Wilson: “Russia has many other options for destabilizing Ukraine, that do not involve grabbing actual territory”

During the 12th Kyiv Security Forum The Ukrainian Week met with the British historian and political scientist to discuss the electoral situation in Ukraine as well as the policy of deterring Russia


UN tribunal rules Russia must release detained Ukrainian sailors

Russian authorities must release the 24 Ukrainian sailors who were captured last year after entering the Kerch Strait, a United Nations maritime tribunal has ruled