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Kurt Volker, Trump's envoy for Ukraine, resigns

U.S. special envoy to Ukraine resigns a day after whistleblower complaint was released


Iranian strategic culture and hybrid warfare

Iran’s hybrid expansionism in the Middle East, the ‘Shi’a axis’ and Russia: from soft power competition to hard confrontation with the US


Russia’s word

How the Russian-Ukrainian exchange of prisoners was in question


What we know about 33 Ukrainian political prisoners that Russia might release

Ukraine and Russia are preparing their first-ever big prisoner exchange since the beginning of Russia’s war against Ukraine in 2014


Ukrainian Congress Committee of America finds Russia’s return to G7 unacceptable

The organization offered Trump to see first-hand the consequences of the Russian actions by visiting Ukraine in the coming months


Kurt Volker: “Russia is running a military operation in the Donbas”

The Ukrainian Week talked with U.S. Special Representative for Ukraine Negotiations on prospects for the release of Ukrainian prisoners, the specifics of negotiations with the Russia and options for resolving the conflict in the Donbas


To help Russia keep the ORDiLO?

What the new government’s initiatives to lift the blockade from the occupied Donbas actually mean


Defeating ourselves

How Ukraine has played soft with Russia in preparing for a gas clash next year


Who will free the Kremlin’s prisoners?

How President Zelenskiy’s choice of staff will affect the cause of political prisoners


Ukraine reaches agreement on return of captured sailors from Russia

Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights Liudmyla Denisova told Hromadske media outlet in the town of Shchastia during the transfer of Ukrainian prisoners from the occupied Luhansk region