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У Вашингтоні заявили про закриття одного з російських пропагандистських каналів

Зазначається, що телеканал РФ припинить мовлення у Вашингтоні з 1 квітня.


The General vs the Admiral

Could Ukraine’s armed forces have prevailed in Crimea?


Putin’s point man in Congress

How did a one-time hawkish Reagan aide become Putin’s favorite congressman?


A historic law of geopolitical scale

Important aspects of the new Deoccupation Law


“The ECHR is one of the best international institutions to help Ukraine establish Russia’s aggression”

Deputy Justice Minister and the Ombudsman to the European Court of Human Rights on official evidence of the presence of Russian troops in Ukraine's territory


A shot away

Who is fighting against Ukrainian military in Donbas


No right to show weakness

How Ukraine’s security, defence and the capability to counter hybrid aggression changed in 2017


Kremlin Hostages: The key is not with Putin

For Ukrainians incarcerated in the occupied territories and in the Russian Federation itself, things could get much worse in 2018. Only serious international pressure is likely to make Moscow release these political prisoners


Російська пропаганда. У Франції вимагають закрити Russia Today

Відповідне прохання підписали письменники, історики, виладачі.


Russia moves to the desert

How the Kremlin is building up its presence in the Middle East