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Özgür Ünlühisarcıklı: “I think the US-Turkey relationships as we have known it is already dead”

During the 3rd Lviv Security Forum, the director of German Marshall Fund's office in Ankara discussed the current state of relations between Turkey, USA, and Russia and perspectives of Ukraine-Turkey dialogue


The high cost of exchange

What can Ukraine offer for the release of the remaining prisoners


Ukraine and pro-Russians expected to swap prisoners

Ukraine president says exchange should take place on Sunday but details of the planned swap are scarce


Robert Brinkley: “Ukraine should ensure that Western countries are aware which prisoners are being held by Russia”

During the 29th Economic Forum in Krynica-Zdrój (Poland) The Ukrainian Week talked with Robert Brinkley, Chairman of the Steering Committee of the Ukraine Forum, Russia and Eurasia Programme at Chatham House about perspectives of Ukrainian relations with West and Russia


Ukraine opens probe into Russian train on new bridge to Crimea

Ukrainian officials have opened a criminal investigation after a passenger train from Russia arrived in Crimea via a new Russian-built bridge, arguing that the train illegally carried people across the Ukrainian border


The state of turbulence in the Middle East

As American hegemony wanes, America’s regional alliances unravel


Russia and Ukraine agree to gas transit deal

Russian and Ukrainian representatives have met in Berlin for "very intense negotiations" on the current 10-year gas agreement due to expire in two weeks. However, the terms of the deal are not yet clear


Gird thy loins – Plan В

What kinds of security eventualities is Ukraine prepared for?


The concealed markers of sovereignty

What criteria should be used to evaluate strategies for the reintegration of the Donbas


Exchange rate

About Ukraine’s prisoners who left jail early and ended up in Moscow