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PACE is Concerned. What’s Next ?

The Draft PACE Resolution outlines the problems with democracy in Ukraine, but does not provide for any sanctions


PACE Resolution on Ukraine (26 January 2012)

The functioning of democratic institutions in Ukraine


PACE Monitoring Committee Report on Ukraine

PACE has declassified the report on Ukraine up for discussion on 26 January in Strasbourg. The Ukrainian Week posts the excerpts from the document


When Human Rights Turn into a Commodity

What are the moral values of the West? To what extent can European values be betrayed in the name of promulgating them?


The PACE of Reform

The PACE remains the important place for the issues related to Ukraine


The Territory of Influences

The European Council is a place where everybody comes in pursuit of his or her own truth and almost surely finds both proponents and opponents. Is this about the pluralism of discourses or the scattering of actions? Apparently, about everything at the same time


The Council of Europe – Russia and Ukraine: Who Influences Whom?

The position of non-democratic forces at the Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly keeps it from fulfilling its fundamental functions of protecting human rights and the rule of law to the full extent


Formal Democracy

Looking at PACE President Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, one realises it is naïve to hope that politicians who easily find a common language with authoritarian regimes will unreservedly commit themselves to protecting human rights