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All the Nibelung armies

The mark of Russia in international political organizations


A mission to rescue PACE

The Council of Europe is preparing to walk back on its principles so that Russia could resume paying its membership fees


A New World Order

Nearly everything was predictable at the latest PACE session. Everything except confusion. It was felt not only in the speeches of adequate participants in the debates on Ukraine but virtually in everything. Strasbourg’s usual calm betrayed anxiety and unmistakable perplexity over what to do next – with the war, with Ukraine and Russia and with the entire world


PACE: The illegal annexation of Crimea has no legal effect and is not recognised by the Council of Europe

The outcome of the so-called referendum in Crimea and “the illegal annexation of Crimea by the Russian Federation therefore have no legal effect and are not recognised by the Council of Europe”, the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) stated on Wednesday, April,9th, in an resolution adopted at the end of an urgent debate.


PACE adopts a Resolution on Ukraine

With a 2/3 majority, PACE adopts the Resolution on Ukraine in Strasbourg today


Abuse of Power

The PACE Resolution on keeping political and criminal responsibility separate provides the legal foundation for the prevention of political vendettas in the future, despite the fact that it does not mention Ukraine


Thorbjørn Jagland and Jean-Claude Mignon demand more action on Tymoshenko`s case after Lutsenko's pardon

Thorbjørn Jagland, Council of Europe Secretary General, and Jean-Claude Mignon, President of the Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) have welcomed Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych’s pardon of former Interior Minister Yuri Lutsenko, is stated on the Council of Europe official website.


Three in a Boat

PACE’s failure to recognize Azerbaijani political prisoners creates problems for their counterparts in Ukraine


PACE Vice-President: “Ukrainians alone can demand condemnation of Ukraine’s election riggers”

René Rouquet, PACE vice president, discussed with The Ukrainian Week whether international organizations can realistically be expected to impose sanctions on election riggers and whether Party of Regions representatives will again join the socialist faction at the PACE winter session to be held on 21-25 January in Strasbourg.


Andreas Gross: "Ukraine is already under authoritarian rule"

Andreas Gross headed the PACE observation mission for the October 2012 parliamentary election in Ukraine. Before PACE publishes its official report on the Ukrainian election on November 12, Mr. Gross shared his opinion with The Ukrainian Week.