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European Union

The evolution of homo sovieticus

Why is it so much harder than anyone expected to break ties with the soviet past?


Political games

After European elections: a new start?


The return of threat

Why is right-wing populism on the rise around the world


A prologue to the restoration of the empire

The Ukraine-Russia union treaty of 1920


Russia again calls UN Security Council over Ukrainian language law

The Russian side already tried to gather a council meeting on the law on Volodymyr Zelenskiy's inauguration day on May 20


Jerry Skinner: “We want to make in the case of clear that this was a deliberate act designed to be a provocation for the August invasion”

The Ukrainian Week talked again with an attorney representing the families of those killed in the disaster of the Malaysian MH17 flight in a lawsuit against the Russian Federation in the European Court of Human Rights, on the evidence in this case, and on the possible consequences of the verdict for Russia


The poisonous recipe from Kolomoiskiy

The consequences of default for Ukraine


EU to invest 4.5 bln in Ukrainian transport industry

The European Union is interested in high-level transport cooperation with Ukraine and further development and reformation of the transport sector in accordance with EU norms and standards


Essence and specificity of the Russian-Soviet power

What system they are trying to restore in Russia today


Punitive psychiatry and its victims

How dissidents were punished in an era of a “real socialism”