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Crimean Tatars

Russian envoy tried to persuade UN Security Council that there's education in Ukrainian and Crimean Tatar languages in Crimea

Vasiliy Nebenzya reacted to the U.S. diplomat's concern about the status of languages of national minorities in the occupied peninsula


Some 37 people arrested for political reasons in occupied Crimea in 2018

Among them are social activists and Ukrainian sailors, prisoners of war


Crimea agonistes

Why the question of Russia’s occupation of the Ukrainian peninsula remains, and will remain, open


“I have set a line for myself beyond which an honest discussion of complicated matters turns into propaganda”

Director of The Cyborgs, Her Heart and Haytarma, speaks about contemporary Ukrainian film, about propaganda in movies, about what unites Crimean Tatars today, and about Crimea House in Kyiv, which Seitablayev has been running since early 2017


Russian law enforcers conduct new raids against Crimean Tatar Muslims, detain seven

Russian law enforcers raided the houses of Muslim Crimean Tatars in Bakhchysarai in the morning of October 11


Non-existent Islamism

How the Kremlin propaganda is affecting Ukrainian Muslims


So many suspects, so little evidence

On June 14, it was a year since the last exchange of Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia took place. Nothing has happened in all that time to make a swap more likely


Chase down and chase out

The Crimean Tatars faced deportation from the peninsula under Stalin in 1944. Today, they are facing a policy of quiet expulsion from their lands


Prisoners of the Kremlin: Seven circles of freedom

As of the end of March, 44 Ukrainian citizens remained in Russian captivity. What can Ukraine do to free them?


Returning the hostages

Freeing the Kremlin's prisoners as our main assignment for the year