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Atlantic Council

PACE is Concerned. What’s Next ?

The Draft PACE Resolution outlines the problems with democracy in Ukraine, but does not provide for any sanctions


Unreal Realpolitik

Cécile Vaissié: “Democratic traditions work only when the government is balanced by an independent judiciary and freedom of speech”


Operation “Imitation”

The government’s “anti-corruption” efforts do not affect the roots of the evil


Judicial Takeover

Those in power have removed all barriers from the path to a loyal Supreme Court


Hurdles for NGOs

Ukraine’s public organizations are hampered by outdated legislation and red tape


“Those In Power View Us As Antibodies Who Must Be Isolated And Destroyed”

Yuriy Lutsenko told The Ukrainian Week about the manner in which Ukrainian courts interpret justice, why Orange politicians lost power and his future plans


Justice in Kyiv

The government has failed to convince either Ukrainians or the international community that the Tymoshenko case has nothing to do with politics. The Ukrainian Week asks Europeans their opinion on the trial against former Premier Yulia Tymoshenko and the situation in Ukraine


PACE Monitoring Committee Report on Ukraine

PACE has declassified the report on Ukraine up for discussion on 26 January in Strasbourg. The Ukrainian Week posts the excerpts from the document


PACE Draft Resolution on Ukraine

The Ukrainian Week publishes the resolution to be offered for approval at the Council of Europe session on 26 January


Pushing and Shoving

The National Radio and Television Council kicks out a crowd of operating regional broadcasters while favoring unknown ghost channels