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Atlantic Council

Atlantic Counsil й Freedom House: Анексія Криму Росією спровокувала безперервний ланцюжок порушень прав людини на півострові

Спільна доповідь, присвячена річниці анексії Росією українського Криму, акцентує увагу на погіршенні ситуації з правами та свободами людини на півострові.


CoE appeals for respect of Ukraine’s territorial integrity and international law

In a comment on the crossing of the Ukrainian border by the Russian convoy for The Ukrainian Week, Daniel Holtgen, Spokesperson of the Council of Europe Secretary General, says that the CoE appeals to both sides to find an agreement which respects Ukraine’s territorial integrity and international law


Ukraine disappointed with EU sanctions against Russia

Kostiantyn Yelisieiev, Head of the Mission of Ukraine to the EU, is disappointed with the EU’s decision on sanctions against Russia


Damon Wilson: “Permanent neutrality and “Finland status” are bad ideas for Ukraine’s own interests”

The Ukrainian Week talked to Damon Wilson, executive vice-president of The Atlantic Council, about the establishment of the pro-Ukrainian community in the world, the US-Russia relations after the annexation of Crimea, the new Ukrainian military and the likelihood of NATO MAP for Ukraine


EU delays sanctions against Russia until June 30

EU leaders claim that new sanctions against Russia could be passed anytime, the European Council says in its conclusions on Ukraine passed at the session in Brussels today


Ukraine requests urgent UN Security Council meeting

Ukrainian authorities have requested the UN to call the Security Council meeting on the situation in Ukraine, Premier Arseniy Yatseniuk says


Presidential Administration official says terrorist attacks could take place on May 9

Andriy Senchenko, Acting Chief of Staff, suggested that terrorist attacks could take place on May 9 after the closed meeting of the National Security and Defence Council with chiefs of security authorities on May 6


Abuse of Power

The PACE Resolution on keeping political and criminal responsibility separate provides the legal foundation for the prevention of political vendettas in the future, despite the fact that it does not mention Ukraine


Venice Commission criticizes the National Referendum Law

The Venice Commission considers the National Referendum Law to not fully comply with international standards, says the official opinion disclosed on the Commission’s website